Bree Munro


Secondary Education
Kilbreda College, Mentone, VIC, Australia, VCE
Tertiary Education
Currently studying an Exercise Science Degree, Degree, still going, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Sports Information

Years on national team 5
Training Base
Primary Switzerland
Secondary Mt Buller Australia
Major Injuries
  • Mt. Buller World Cup
  • training
Recent Performances
  • 9th - 2010 World Cup (Mont Gabriel, Canada)
  • 4th - 2010 World Cup (Lake Placid, USA)
  • 20th - 2010 World Cup (Deer Valley, USA)
  • 22nd - 2010 World Cup (Calgary, Canada)
  • 6th; 18th - 2009 World Cup (Changchun, China)
  • 9th - 2009 World Ski Championships (Inawashiro, Japan)
Career Highlights
  • My first World Cup coming back from a two year break from my knee reconstruction was a fantastic feeling. I loved every minute of the comp. I also had my best result ever, coming 6th.
  • Competing at my first World Championships. I had learnt so much in my return to competition in 2009 and this was to be the last comp and I hurt my ribs and had to really puch my self to jump and jump well. I finnished with a good result and came out of the season knowing what type of a jumper I can be.